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When you look at someone’s online image, credibility within search results comes from validation by third party resources. Since the user controls their own social media accounts, videos, and personal websites, it is impossible to obtain verification and substantiate credibility without having third party validation. Flag Media sites provide the third-party credibility that often results in professional exposure, unsolicited promotion, and social media verification.

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Long Term Exposure

Flag Media publication placements are always live and even though new news will take over the page visual, the stories remain archived on each site, keeping it growing in relevance in perpetuity. For example, clients’ stories run from October of 2020 are still recognized with top positions on Google results. One client’s results still show position 1, 4 and 5 on Google even after 10 months.


We provide exposure, promotion, and credibility for you and your clients!

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Domain Authority

All of the Flag Media digital publications have been built with the infrastructure to achieve the highest domain authority rating, which take a little time but will certainly be worth it!
We did this by utilizing Google’s news aggregator to auto populate the dynamic news content displayed on each site. Google has the strongest news aggregator system on the Internet – collecting news from every relevant source. All Flag Media sites exclusively stream Google news feeds, curating the most relevant stories from hundreds of news sources, with the direct tie back to Google. Since there is nothing more relevant to Google than Google, the sites enjoy the highest level of relevancy on Google and subsequently the highest domain authority.

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A featured, editorial story on our credible third-party digital publications creates an unprecedented opportunity for promotion – self and business. The way the Flag Media sites are structured enables the clients to have their featured story run and seen in the mix of the other top news of the day as it rolls out. You might see an article about Elon Musk and Tesla, followed by an article about the Olympics, followed by an article about an IBM acquisition, followed by your featured story. It’s completely seamless, with the visual showing your story in the mix with all other current news. Since every placement will have a “forever” URL, using these stories for your own promotion is something that can be valuable to your business for weeks, months, even years to come.

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You’ve worked hard to get where you are, and Flag Media can recognize that in unprecedented ways. Memorializing your personal and business accomplishments in a featured story can not only dramatically improve your online reputation, it can also provide a strong level of visibility you want and need to grow your business even further. Imagine what that looks like in a competitive environment when you and your business are featured in high profile featured stories in recognizable publications and your competitors are not.

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