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You Got This!

Our Founder and CEO is giving away a token creation and launch package worth $20k!


Do you have a business or project that you want to create your own custom crypto token for?


If selected, Flag will create and launch it for you FOR FREE! Just fill out the form below and if Mike selects you, he will reach out directly with details!

The promotion will run from November 21 through December 15, 2023 and if selected, your custom token will be created and launched on the Flag blockchain with the treasury of tokens sent to your private Flag Wallet before January 1, 2024. You get to choose the token name, symbol, supply, and all of the high-end security features that the major coins and tokens have. Mike will also provide the necessary guidance to understand everything about your token and how to use it.

Note: Flag will hold back a small percentage of the total supply to cover development, security, and management consulting.

Why NOT You ?!?

Everyone can win with Flag holiday magic!

Your entry has been received. Please do not submit it multiple times. Multiple submissions may delay or disqualify your entry. GOOD LUCK!!

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