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Flag Partners with Grammy Hall of Famer, Sir Earl Toon from Kool and the Gang

[Frisco, TX] – Flag Digital proudly announces a groundbreaking partnership with Sir Earl Toon, a Grammy Hall of Fame Inductee and esteemed member of the multi-platinum and Grammy award-winning band, Kool and the Gang. Together, they embark on a creative journey to establish the Flag Digital Music and Entertainment Initiative (DMEI), a visionary project that seeks to empower artists, entertainers, companies, and all individuals in the entertainment space. This collaboration will include the launch of innovative Web3 programs, the introduction of new tokens on the Flag Blockchain, and the creation of custom NFT collections on Flagpole, Flag's cutting-edge NFT marketplace.

A Harmonious Partnership:

Sir Earl Toon, with his impressive track record and immense talent, joins forces with Flag CEO, Mike Magolnick, to lead the Flag Digital Music and Entertainment Initiative. Their collaboration is driven by a shared vision of supporting and uplifting the entertainment community in novel and creative ways.

About Sir Earl Toon:

Sir Earl Toon recorded and performed with the multi-platinum Funk, Jazz, R&B, Dance and Pop group, Kool & the Gang, which sold over 75 million albums and singles world-wide and has influenced the music of three generations. The group has earned two Grammy Awards, seven American Music Awards, 25 Top Ten R&B hits, nine Top Ten Pop hits, and 31 gold and platinum albums. In 2014, Kool & the Gang received the Soul Train Lifetime Achievement Award, which was one of his proudest moments as member of the world-renowned band. In 2016, Sir Earl Toon was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame with the likes of Miles Davis, Bob Dylan, James Brown, Louis Armstrong, Fleetwood Mac, John Coltrane, Blondie and the Grateful Dead. The same year he was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from the 44th President Barack Obama, which he received at a ceremony in 2017 in New Orleans.

Sir Earl co-wrote, co-produced, co-arranged, recorded and performed the American treasure and classic song, “Celebration,” as well as the classic hits “Ladies Night”, “Too Hot”, “Get Down on It”, and many more of the band’s top Billboard hits. According to Quincy Jones, “Celebration” is the biggest celebratory song that has ever been written by a composer or songwriter in America, or for that matter, in any other country on the planet! When you sing “Yahoo!!!, Celebrate Good Times C’mon, We’re Gonna Celebrate Your Party With You, Celebration”, you have just sung a few words and the melody Earl Toon Jr. introduced to the world in 1980.

After world tours with Kool & the Gang, Sir Earl independently produced, arranged, and wrote music for numerous artists under Atlantic, Arista, Polygram Records, and Warner Bros. Communications.

BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc.) has presented to Sir Earl “Certificates of Recognition” for his top hits like ‘Celebration’, ‘Ladies Night’ and ‘Too Hot’. These certificates recognize “great national popularity as measured by broadcast performances.” BMI has recognized Sir Earl for his “Million-Air Performance Status”. All Sir Earl’s recordings charted on Billboard from the Top 40 all the way to #1 that was released to the public and played on radio globally. To his credit, Sir Earl has over 30 silver, gold, platinum albums and singles. In addition, he has received Golden Reel awards in his honor. The songs which have reached this coveted status, are in a very select group of world-wide favorites.

Empowering Creativity and Innovation:

The Flag Digital Music and Entertainment Initiative (DMEI) is founded on a commitment to fostering creativity, innovation, and financial support within the entertainment industry. This initiative will play a pivotal role in bringing funds and awareness to artists, entertainers, and all stakeholders in the entertainment world.

Web3 Programs and Beyond:

Under the DMEI banner, Flag Media will launch a series of creative Web3 programs that leverage the power of blockchain technology. These initiatives will include the introduction of new tokens on the Flag Blockchain and the release of custom NFT collections on Flagpole, Flag's dynamic NFT marketplace. These programs aim to transform the entertainment landscape by providing unique opportunities for artists and entertainers to engage with their audiences and supporters.

The Birth of the XME Token:

As a significant milestone within the Flag Digital Music and Entertainment Initiative, Flag is excited to introduce the XME Token. This token will serve as a symbol of empowerment, innovation, and collaboration within the entertainment industry. The XME Token will offer artists, creators, and fans a new way to interact and engage, opening doors to exciting possibilities within the digital music and entertainment realm.

Mike Magolnick, CEO of Flag, expressed the company's enthusiasm about the partnership with Sir Earl Toon, stating, "This collaboration is a celebration of talent, creativity, and the power of music and entertainment. Together with Sir Earl Toon, we are poised to make a profound impact on the industry, bringing new opportunities and experiences to artists and their audiences."

Join the Flag DMEI Revolution:

The partnership between Flag and Sir Earl Toon marks the beginning of a remarkable journey within the entertainment world. To learn more about the Flag Digital Music and Entertainment Initiative and the XME Token, please check out the website and stay connected to Flag’s social media accounts.

Flag Digital and Sir Earl Toon invite artists, entertainers, and all stakeholders to be a part of this transformative initiative, where creativity, innovation, and empowerment converge to shape the future of music and entertainment.

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