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Flag Accelerator Program

Any project that meets the requirements gets the full backing and assistance of Flag Media with access to all of Flag Media’s divisions, including Flag Blockchain, Flag Social, Red Flag Reputation, and the Flag Media suite of influential publications. Depending on the custom project plan, the Flag Accelerator value could range $250k - $1mm+ per project (not including funds raised through capital planning efforts).


Funding & Capital

  • Fundraising (conventional, token, IEO, etc)

  • Venture capital assistance

  • Awards of Flag Coins and other tokens, coins, and NFTs minted on the Flag Blockchain

Dark Background
Dark Background


  • Developers (blockchain, web, mobile, special programs and tech)

  • Token and NFT Minting + Launch + Promotion

  • Listings and management of CEX/DEX relationships + Market Making

Dark Background
Dark Background

Marketing & PR

  • Flag Media’s publications

  • Flag Social’s ad network, groups, and custom channels

  • The Flag network of business partners and affiliates


Project Consulting

  • Assistance with project infrastructure including legal, accounting, HR and other necessary professional services

  • Executives with great backgrounds can be added as professional contract team members

What does the Flag Accelerator Do?


Accelerator Requirements:

  • Projects must have at least 12 months of planning or operations and be good quality (some projects with a shorter business runway might be considered)

  • Team must be visible

  • Projects must agree to actively use the Flag blockchain

  • Projects will pair with the FLAG coin

  • Projects must either have a public github or add Flag devs to existing github

  • Projects must agree to partner with another project in the ecosystem (examples: Royal Society NFTs, VERBmi metaverse, etc)

  • Projects cannot be located in restricted territories



Unique Accelerator
Case Studies:


Projects are given a nominal amount of Flag over multiple payouts once project milestones are met and certain involvement within the ecosystem has been reached.


Projects are given certain numbers of the rare, epic, elite & legendary NFTS to use within their projects. A custom NFT collection might be created for the project.

In-Network Partnership

Projects partner with another project within the Flag ecosystem for cross-promotion and expansion of the business network.

Native Token

Projects can mint a native ERC20 token on the Flag blockchain and gain all of the associated benefits.


Projects contribute some of their ERC20 native token to enable regular giveaways and Gleam competitions under the Flag marketing banner.

Raise up to $250k

Flag team assists project with an IEO through Coinstore to raise up to $250k (IEO fees and Liquidity pool funds are required for this).

Exclusive Access

Projects gain early access to the FlagDEX and Token-to-FLAG pairing.

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